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Tools for Series writers

Want to Write a Book? Maybe a Series?
Your Time to Write Is NOW!

Is this you?

Is writing a puzzle to you?
  • Do you wake in the night with ideas colliding about fascinating characters or a hot plot?
  • Do you ache to write it all down?
  • Do you love your main character - but wonder if your readers will love him?
  • Do you have Book 2 and 3 and beyond in mind - but how do you get there from here?
  • Only YOU can write that unique story inside of you.
  • Your story needs characters who stay fresh and fascinating in every book.
  • Your series of stories deserve to see print.
  • And YOU deserve to fulfill your dreams of seeing them in print!
  • Learn the facts about creating a sustainable protagonist for a series
  • Discover how vivid villains and enduring sidekicks can propel your plot from book 1 through to later books
  • Let your imagination fly but with a focus that pulls readers right along with you
  • Join my Series Writing Workshops to learn how to create the series YOU want to write!
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A Workshop About Protagonists

Workshop #1:

Create a Sustainable Protagonist in a Series
Click here to find out more about how to craft the #1 most valuable asset a series can have: an enduring protagonist.

A Workshop about Antagonists, Sidekicks and other characters

Workshop #2:

Create Vivid Villains,
Memorable Sidekicks and
Captivating Characters for Your Series

Any book needs the right cast -- but a series demands the PERFECT cast, carefully crafted to suit the whole series. Click here to find out how YOU can do just that!

A Workshop about the Pivot Plan for Plotting

Workshop #3:

The Pivot Plan--How to Plot a Series as You Write
Pre-planning every detail before you start writing would be grand--but most writers don't do that.

Or, if they DO, they still find the story veering right while the characters head left!

I've helped series writers with this issue for years and I can show you the key ways to get your whole series focused and moving forward with a sure step.

This workshop will be offered soon--click here to sign up now to get my FREE download about the BEST tools for series writers. You will be automatically entered on my Early Bird list so I can let you know as soon as Workshop #3 is ready!

Take control of your book and its potential as a series with my Series Writing Workshops.

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    -- Sandra Haven, Editor

Testimonials from Previous Workshops:

"With all the varieties of writing courses out there, who needs another one? Well, as it turns out, Sandra Haven's course "Create A Sustainable Character in a Series" feels both new, fresh and exciting. With devotion, insight, and attention, she has you work with key elements and archetypes as your tools, in order for you to create not only sustainable, but also believable characters that work with your story. Add to it lovely bonus material and personal, swift feedback, and what you have is a writing course you don't want to miss! Well done, Ms. Haven!!"

-- Linda Govik, Sweden

"The most valuable part of the class for me was the brainstorming of ideas that came out of it involving me personally as well as listening to the thought processes of the other participants.
    I was surprised to see that the other students in the class pretty much shared the same struggles that I do. It felt good to know that I am not alone.
    Sharing experiences was just as important to me as discussing my own. The Zoom group calls are what made it a great experience. Seeing faces and being able to interact was important."

-- Grant Elliot Smith, Japan

What part did you consider the most valuable?
"I would have to say the thorough explanations of concepts and then applying it to each individual. I learned just as much from how things applied to other stories as I did for my own WIP."

What were you surprised about?
"How complex things can get with a series and how much you can get into trouble if you aren't prepared up front."

How important/valuable were the Zoom group calls overall for you?
"I found the discussions of everyone's story and how the lessons applied wonderful. Having more than one example of how things worked was eye opening and sent my brain working in overdrive."

-- Terrye Toombs, North Dakota

"During the workshop I recognized that I had not included emotions of all the characters. It seemed like magic when I began to explore the range of emotions for all the characters, major and minor, the plot filled out and added to their characters. They came to life to me and hopefully, to my readers.
     Whereas before I could only think of more adventures, now I became focused on expanding the why, background and interior thoughts of Ulysses as well as other characters.
     It helped me most using Sandra's comments on my specific story rather than just general help. It helped me to have deadlines to meet instead of thinking tomorrow? tomorrow? I did not procrastinate so much when she was asking for responses."

-- JoAn Martin, Texas

"The way I see my protagonists has changed. The two protagonists have a whole new dynamic now. They are more solid, more real than they ever were before. I'm seeing them as an archetype, seeing the emotional changes they're experiencing versus just having them go through a series of events or situations. They have a direction now. This changed the way I viewed both my protagonists and supporting characters.
     The worksheet exercises really put my mind to work with the new information and made it real.
     It's helpful to hear other perspectives. When Grant and JoAn spoke I was always hearing something that triggered a thought with my own story."

-- Peter Celebrese, Georgia

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