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Editing Services to Help YOU Succeed

What are you looking for when you write?

A way to deliver your message, connect to readers, and enjoy the glow of having written a story your audience enjoys!

How do you achieve that?

It requires understanding many techniques, plotting clearly, creating strong characters, and setting the scenes expertly. But how do you know if you are on-track? How can you tell if your story is really flowing smoothly?

Professional editing can give you the answers!

Where Can You Find the Help You Need?

Right here! I know what you want:

  • Professional guidance
  • Encouragement focused on YOUR specific situation
  • A coach who understands your unique writer's vision
  • A one-to-one relationship with an editor who cares

    It's Your Story - Your Vision - Your Voice . . . Only Better!

    What Book Editors Do:

    Book editors do any of a number of things, from developmental services to final copy editing (for spelling, punctuation, etc.). As a freelance book editor, I provide a detailed developmental critique, also called a substantive, comprehensive or in-depth edit, of your plot, storyline, characters, conflict, story continuity and viewpoint. My editorial service includes marking your manuscript (as requested on your Request Form) with specific suggestions. I also provide a separate edit letter with a comprehensive analysis referencing the suggestions marked on your manuscript file. I include a review of the marketing potential for your manuscript with specific suggestions on how to improve the manuscript's market appeal. My goal is to help you in becoming a writer by providing the steps to writing a book while assessing YOUR OWN manuscript.

    Your manuscript is never seen or reviewed by anyone other than myself, Sandra Haven. I guarantee complete confidentiality and personal editorial service geared to your writer's voice and your specific marketing plans and intended audience.

    My personal and professional freelance book editing background is extensive in assisting writers and publishers and I welcome any questions you might have.

    NOTE: I specialize in fantasy, mystery, suspense, YA and older children's books. I do NOT edit horror, straight romance, or books with graphic violence or explicit sexual content. The only books written for younger children I am now accepting are from previous clients.

    Editing Fee: 2 cents a word

    • Plain and simple, my fee is 2 cents a word, with a $45 minimum per submission.
    • Each short story is considered a separate submission.
    • Some specialized projects, like a query letter or synopsis, which take more time, are charged at my hourly rate of $45. Just ask if you are not sure, and I'll get back to you with a fee for the overall project.

    Write As We Go!

    An Exclusive Writing/Coaching Approach

    Some clients with a work-in-progress prefer to send me a few chapters at a time. This way they can consider my suggestions as they write the following chapters. They write as they go--and pay as they go! The same fee of 2 cents a word, with a $45 minimum for each submission applies.
    Want more details? Click here!

    Initial Evaluation

    Ready to take the steps to writing a book? Let me critique the opening of your manuscript (to the end of a scene or chapter, 2,500 to 3,500 words is fine). An Initial Evaluation is charged at my normal fee rate because it is not a "sales pitch" letter, but a full example of how I edit a client's manuscript. Just multiply my 2-cents a word by the number of words you are sending (minimum $45). This gives you a chance to see the kind of service I can provide for you. I assure you that you will gain more than your money's worth in insight about your writing strengths, problem areas and potential improvements.

    New Clients:

    Contact me about my current schedule. I can usually send back an Initial Evaluation within a week, but I don't want to ever disappoint a client, so contact me before you send your file. Send an email by clicking here. Describe your overall project, its length, any deadlines you have to meet and ask any questions. Once we have discussed the project and our schedules, you can go to my Request Form to submit your file, client information and the fee payment.

    Editing Fee Payment

    You need to process your payment for fees when you send me your manuscript, but you don't need to send the full manuscript all at once. You may send only as many completed chapters as you wish.

    All fees listed are in U.S. dollars. I accept payment through Paypal or by credit card through a Secure Server. (Mailing a money order is another option, although please be aware that this delays the process.)

    Credit cards accepted through Secure Server Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

    Delivery Times

    It takes time to provide the excellent level of personalized service I deliver for my clients. But I also know that you may have a time-sensitive manuscript. If you have a specific deadline, be sure to email me first giving me details of your writing project's length, subject and deadline.
        As soon as I receive your request for services I will contact you by email or phone to tell you my approximate current turn-around time. I am often booked 4 to 6 weeks out in order to keep up with chapters for my "Write-As-We-Go" and my Incentive Program clients. I keep in close contact with my clients and welcome questions at any time.

    Hourly Fees

    Consultations: I gladly answer brief questions by email--for no charge. However, extensive email questions that require in-depth answers, in-person or phone consultations will be charged at $45 an hour (1 hour min.).

    Special Projects & Second Reviews: It may take more time to assist a writer with a specialized item, such as a query letter and book proposal, than it takes to critique a manuscript. In other instances, something may take less time, like a quick review of something I've already critiqued. In these instances, I will let you know before I proceed at my $45 hourly fee.


    I am always open to questions; just send me an email about your project and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Complete Confidentiality:

I understand the necessity for holding all manuscripts in the strictest of confidence as proprietary information. I recognize that you have full ownership of and rights to your writing. Therefore, you are protected by all pertinent copyright laws to hold exclusive rights to market, sell or transfer your work. A signed Confidentiality Agreement can be mailed or faxed to you--simply request it when you fill out my form for any of my services.


If the services provided by Bristol Services Intl. are not provided as stated, fees will be promptly adjusted or refunded.
Have questions? Call me directly at 360-477-6412.

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