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Publishing Success for My Writers:

I'm pleased to list my editing clients' published books. Below are just a few of their recent publishing credits.
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Mystery, Fantasy, Memoirs, or Children's Stories.

Susan Furlong releases another mystery series! This one is a new Berkley Prime Crime cozy mystery series starting with Peaches and Scream (A Georgia Peach Mystery) .

In this series, when Nola Mae Harper returns to her childhood home, her family's peach farm, in Cays Mill, Georgia, she soon discovers that things back at the farm aren't exactly peachy. A poor harvest and rising costs threaten the Harpers' livelihood, and small-town gossip is spreading like blight thanks to Nola's juicy reputation as a wild teenager way back when. When she stumbles upon a local businessman murdered among the peach trees, suspicions and family tensions proves that this sweet Georgia peach will have to prune through a list of murder suspects, before she too becomes ripe for the killer's picking.

Editor's Note: Susan has published numerous short stories and already had a mystery series through Martin Sisters Publishing. She also was accepted as the succeeding author of an existing mystery series, "A Novel Idea Mystery" series, starting with book #4, Played by the Book (A Novel Idea Mystery). Susan writes: "Sandra has helped edit several of my mysteries. Her suggestions and content edits have helped me enhance character tension, catch plot holes, tighten pace, and significantly improve my stories. I value her insight and highly recommend her services."

E-mail me if you have a series just waiting to come to life.

Author Success
Congratulations to Coleman Alderson, for publishing Book 1 of his series where young Celi and her mountaineer family face environmental, political and social upheavals in a struggle for survival. Then, when a fantastic discovery is made at their abandoned family farm, powerful forces intent on possessing the invention they describe as "a game changer" transform their lives forever.

Coleman wrote, "To my angel editor, Sandra Haven at Bristol Services, who patiently waded through the months of my grindings while deftly deploying her soulful understanding and commentary to the story." Mountain Whispers: Days Without Sun (Volume 1) is available as an ebook and is just being released as a paperback as well. Editor's Note: Coleman came to me with a fine voice for storytelling and a strong storyline--it is a pleasure to be riding shotgun on his series! E-mail me if you have a series just waiting to come to life.
Author Success
Congratulations to Mark Grove on his second published book, The Madison Picker, a fun and informative semi-autobiographical novel based on Mark's life as an antiques dealer and collector, crammed with details of antiques, history, and the art of collecting. He is actively marketing it to readers within the industry as well as all fans of "picking," like those who enjoy The Antiques Roadshow and Jonathan Gash's Lovejoy series.

Mark wrote to me, "At a certain point I end up moving lines around on the page and get nowhere. I need a thought manager, a structural engineer, closet organizer, or someone. That's you. Thanks!"

Editor's Note: Write from your own background and you can find a rich source of experiences and details to inspire plots and characters as well as an automatic fan base from which to draw in readers! E-mail me to discuss your book ideas!
Author Success
Beatrice Taylor writes: "I have finally finished my memoirs! I made it one of my four goals this summer to wrap it up and I am happy to have it finished. I found a bindery in Montana who will bind the albums in leather and I will give them to the children for Christmas.

"I want to thank you again for your help. I fear that working on my own I might have muddled over it until I got tired of the idea. Your encouragement and your editing ability to make it better while keeping it "mine" were invaluable. I loved working with you; I think we made a good team. I will keep your address in my file, in case I have another bright idea some day and need your services again!"

Editor's Note: Memoirs fulfill the writer's aspirations and can be invaluable to those who can then share in the writer's life experiences. Want to share your life's story? E-mail me to discuss your plans!
Author Success
Congratulations to James Harris who has just launched his first book in hard cover, paperback and e-book formats. This suspenseful tale includes supernatural aspects and all-too real human dilemmas as his main character discovers he has inherited more than just a few memories and an old house. In the process he travels across the globe to confront the evil that plagues his own present from the mistakes of his ancestors in the past.

Click here for more on this author and his first novel.

Editor's Note: James came to me with a clear vision of his book and it was a pleasure to work with him in crafting it to completion.

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Author Success
Congratulations to Emily Reuter who brings her background in literature and criminology to a series of novels collectively known as The Vega Family Saga.

Published by Mill City Press, Fortune's Secrets introduces Yelena Vega, a classically trained musical prodigy and Daniel Cruz, the military operative with a mysterious past who now serves as her bodyguard. As Daniel protects Yelena from the threats of stalking and organized crime alike, he realizes that the danger may be closer than either of them had anticipated. Click here for more on this author and her first novel.
Children's Book Author Success

Congratulations to Jessica Chiavaroli whose innovative approaches to selling her children's books have met with personal success as well as satisfaction for her audience. Click here to learn how she did it and how YOU can market YOUR children's book too!

Editor's Note: It was a pleasure working with Jessica as she created stories (she has four in publication now!) with the kind of unique and fun challenges that inspire children in their own lives.

To learn secrets to writing children's books and to read MORE children's book success stories, click here.
Author Success

Brian Benson's book is both inspirational and fun. Not to mention that it was the 1st Place Winner in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the self-help category! His book, Brian's List, became his personal springboard to a full-time career as a certified life coach teaching workshops and with a private practice helping people find balance and gain self-awareness on their own terms. Congratulations, Brian!
Author Success

Linda Silvas, another of my writing clients, has toured the U.S. with her fantasy book that touches adults and children alike with its intriguing story, its illustrationas and its message against drug abuse. Her success with Mama Bear, Baby Bear brought her an offer as a movie consultant --and her recent opportunity as an actress! Find out more about her continuing saga as an author and public speaker in this newspaper article.
Great job, Linda!

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Author Success
David Hebden writes, "I've read completely through your comments and suggestions several times and it all makes sense. I'm sure it will make the book more interesting. I made some changes based on your suggestions and opinions which I believe make the book much better for the reader. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into my writings. Thanks for everything."

Hebden just launched his first book "Flamingo Heist" on Amazon's Kindle editions. In it, John Bird, glad to get out the the navy and thrilled to be employed by a cruise ship, gets more than he bargained for when he discovers his ship, The Flamingo Heights, carries more than smiling tourists aboard. The largest heist of U.S. gold buillion rests somewhere in the ship, and John is torn between the lovely Anna's wiles, the captain's orders and the manipulations of Interpol as the race across Europe pits John against the thieves--and his conscience.
Author Success

Author Success

Myra Nagel writes, "You edited the first 100 pages of my two mystery novels. I wanted to let you know that I have finally published both of them, using Create Space/Amazon. Your comments were incredibly helpful."

In Myra's first mystery, Downside Seven, a small town's only female minister and a down-and-out insurance agent form a reluctant partnership as they both question the police's verdict of "accident" for the drowning death of a prominent businessman. The only witness: an eight-year-old autistic boy who is unable to describe what he witnessed ... but whose own life may now be in jeopardy.

Myra's second novel is very close to her heart. In "Runaway Poet," the Tolliver brothers had bounced through seven foster homes before Hurricane Charley destroyed their Florida duplex. Now in the storm's aftermath, twelve-year-old Jessie has been murdered. And the prime suspect is his teenage brother Ben, who has apparently run away. Volunteer child advocate, Anna Sebastian, can't stop wondering if a poem the runaway wrote for her could hold clues to what happened.

This novel grew out of Nagel's own ten years of experience with the Florida Guardian Ad Litem Program in which she witnessed many of the situations in her novel firsthand. All proceeds from the sale of this book, both paperback and electronic versions, will be donated to Voices For Kids of Southwest Florida, an organization that helps abused, neglected, and abandoned children who come under the protection Southwest Florida's courts.
Fantasy novel editing

Mark Grove completed and published the first in his series of fantasy/adventure novels, Serapis Fraktur. He writes, "Wow! You're a great editor. The observations that you made were spot-on. Thank you for making this a great book."

In his enterprising series of adventures, Grove's main character, an antiques dealer from 2010, Charles Dawes, awakes from a dreadful car accident--450 years in the future! Add in intergalactic enterprises, time jumping, and a future version of terrorists, and you have a soul-inspiring and eye-opening look at the possibilities of mankind as Charles Dawes is faced with saving a world he barely comprehends.

His book is available through Amazon and on Smashwords. Or read even more about it on CreateSpace.
Author Success
Philippe de Vosjoli writes, "I just wanted to let you know it's been a pleasure working with you. Your comments and advice have both encouraged me to venture into fiction, helped me put together a better story, and guided me in improving my writing. I look forward to working with you on future projects."

Philippe's first work of fiction was the top "New Release Recommendation" in Kirkus Reviews' Indie category in the first week of January! Good going.

Legend of Atticus Rex, is an empowering book in a stunning presentation (hard cover with removable amulet) for young readers. In it young Gabriel accompanies his father into the Crimson Forest to face evil forces that have been terrorizing travelers. In the process he overcomes his own fears with the help of a colossal, mysterious dog that protects this ancient Roman family from marauding Volgoths.

Click here for more on this author and Philippe's first venture into fiction.
Author Success
Susan Furlong-Bolliger writes, "Good news, Sandra! The contract with Martin Sisters Publishing is final! I just wanted to share the good news with you. I'm positive that it would not have sold if it weren't for your valuable input and outstanding editorial talent. I sincerely appreciate all that you do."

Susan's mystery book, Murder for Bid, is her first in a series about a former investment banker turned on-line reseller, who ends up playing detective while she dumpster dives and peruses consignment shops for cast-off treasures. This book follows a long list of published short story credits for Susan. You can find her book at Martin Sisters Publishing. Check out all Susan's credits at her website.
Author Success
Rod Hamon of Australia announced his book and wrote, "Thank you, Sandra, for your valuable advice. I have mentioned the help you have given me in the credits. "

Congratulations to Rod who combined his many published sci-fi short stories into one volume titled "Portal To Another Universe." Click here to see his book on Amazon.
Author Success
Ed Blakely of New York, writing under the name of Coby Harris James, wrote to say, "I got a publisher for the Australia book and I acknowledge you for your help in the acknowledgements. Your edits were excellent and I incorporated all of them in the revisions."

Blakely's book, Wine, Dine and Death Down Under, was his first novel and was released by Llumina Press during BookExpo America at the Los Angles Convention Center. He then followed that book with another Chet Lake adventure with Mugged in Marseilles.

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Writing Success!

"You did a very helpful editorial critique of two of my short stories. After I used your critique to improve the story, 'A Tale Told About An Idiot,' I knew it was a good piece.
It has now been accepted for inclusion in the forthcoming book of stories and poems, READER'S BREAK, and I am grateful to you (and will undoubtedly be calling for your help when I write some new stories)."

--Richard Kerckhoff, Florida

Editing Offers Options!

"Thank you! I've read your comments twice and I kept thinking, 'Well, of course.' No doubt I've been involved with this book for such a long time that it has been almost indelibly imprinted on my thinking. You gave me options that hadn't occurred to me."

--Dixie Wright, Washington

Reveal Your Story!

"I am not a careless writer but I do have a 'blind spot' when I'm reviewing my own work. I appreciated your balanced viewpoint. If ever I discover an opportunity to share a 'tip' with another writer, I will say, 'If you want a spotlight directed into the dark corners of your manuscript, send it to Bristol Services Intl.' Thank you for your time, your personal comments, and your thorough appraisal."

--Lois Lurvey, Texas

Story Sold!

"You gave my story 'Timing is Everything' an Honorable Mention in your writing competition. Alive! published the story. I received a copy along with a generous check. . . your comments on my stories were so important."

--Dede Hammond, Florida


"You were nice enough to suggest two other markets [for one of my manuscripts]. Right away I sent it to Writer's Haven Newsletter. No word from that editor until a couple of weeks ago when she telephoned me on a Sunday evening (!) to ask if she could publish it. I said I'd be delighted. Thank you again!"

--Frances Grimes Yeargin, Texas

Book Published!

"The opportunities you offer aspiring writers is wonderful. It was exactly the type of encouragement that keeps me writing. As a result, I am very happy to announce the publication of my young adult novel, The Spy Who Came in from the Sea, by Pineapple Press, Inc."

--Margaret Nolan, Florida
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